Beautiful Madness featuring Delevo : Single and Music Video

Release Date: Oct 6, 2016

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Axon Genesis

Music and Video Producer

Axon Genesis is the moniker of Stephen Walker, a music producer, digital artist and software developer based in Los Angeles. Stephen has worked extensively over the past 20 years as both an artist and developer, with his career spanning visual effects, graphics and design, web, database and app development, and producing electronic music. Over the past couple of years he has worked as the CTO for the Producers Social, a continually growing community of music producers that meet once a month to share their latest work and get peer feedback, which now has chapters in several cities with more on the way. Stephen envisions a quickly approaching future rich in virtual and augmented realities and is actively working on new tools using cutting-edge technologies to create the next level of audiovisual art and immersive interactive experiences.

Deborah Delevo

Song Writing and Performance

From indie rock to vocals on EDM tracks, Delevo has made a name for herself as one of the premiere independent female vocalists. Pretty Lights included ‘Build the Sky’ by Stephan Jacobs featuring Delevo on his hot list. From The Do LaB stage at Coachella and Lightning in a Bottle to the Warped Tour, Delevo’s ethereal voice and poetic lyrics have captivated audiences. In addition to lending her vocals to dance tracks, she heads up the band Delevo and the Early Bird Circus and self produced their first vinyl album this year. Delevo says that, “music is emotion made more tangible. It connects people through a deeper understanding of our common experience. The vibration and frequencies can in effect change your mood and outlook on life”. Expect many great things from Delevo in the near future including a long awaited debut solo album produced by Stephan Jacobs.

Elena Kulikova

Photography and Cinematography

Elena Kulikova has journeyed from east to west for over two decades. Born in Russia, Elena moved to California at age 10. She began modeling at 17, and immersed herself in a world of commercial photography while simultaneously experimenting with it on her own. Self-taught but mentored by well known photographers, Elena launched her photographic career in Amsterdam in 2006, and currently lives in Los Angeles. Elena's feminine sensibility and creative processing push her photography to deepen the subjects she photographs. Elena Kulikova’s clients include Wired Magazine, Hi-Fructose, Swarovski, Urban Outfitters, Fab, Marie Claire, Allure, L’Officiel, Virgin Airlines, Samsung, Lomography, Yahoo, NY Times, Laqa&Co, Vanya Spirit, Society6, musicians & record labels. Her fine art photography has been sold at the world-famous boutique Colette Paris, Urban Outfitters Apartment Print Shop, and art galleries.

Marie Anthony


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